August 15, 2013

The Latest CNN Latino Interview of Evo Morales (in Spanish)


The following links take you to the lastest conversation a journalist from CNN en Espaniol (Ismael Cala) has had with Evo Morales.

The first part
The second part
The third part
The fourth part
The fifth part

While not the most interesting nor the most informative interview, it is worth a look because of the dynamics that developed between both participants within the interview. As we all know already, Evo Morales does not like CNN because, according to Morales, it represents and defends Imperialism. And, let's face it, CNN has never been a Morales fan either. So there is a mutual dislike, which transcends the personalities of any journalist and, I might add, the language in which the interview is conducted.

The conversation began already with an aggressive Morales, who was already upset with the Cala. Apparently, previous intents to tape the interview had been cancelled. Who cancelled, was left unanswered. Morales began by addressing these issues, as he called them, rectifications. In the process he accused Cala of being a whiner because he mentioned to the press that he could not get an interview with Morales. Evo also accused Cala of having escaped from Cuba and, of course, being a representative of (what else) the Empire.

Cala managed to calm Morales because he directly addressed his concern that the network was going to edit the interview. Cala assured Morales that this was not going to happen and that the interview was being recorded live and broadcast live as well. However, the fact that the interview was at 5 am in the morning and because of that reasons no one was going to see it, did not happen to bother Morales.

I found that the interview did provide with a bit of space for Morales to speak relatively undisturbed. That, in itself was interesting because it gave the viewer a rare possibility to really listen to the human Morales and to see how he thinks and speaks.

So much for that, enjoy!