The Bolivian Opposition: There Are 12 Candidates Plus Morales

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The opposition to Evo Morales has been unable to come up with one candidate to confront him in the next national elections coming December 6. After many meetings, conversations, dinners, and negotiations, the many political leaders could not agree on one candidate to unite the opposition. Many options were handled, there was the talk of a woman, such as the journalist Jimena Costa, or the possibility of another indigenous leader. Actually, these were seen, also by political commentators, as the only possible candidates that could run against Morales and have a chance to win. The other candidates are too identified with most of the traditional political parties which took part in government in the last periods before Morales. They were one of the reasons why Morales won.

Now, the opposition could not unite and most of the "traditional" leaders have chosen to declare themselves official candidates. Perhaps, they want to gain some more power to negotiate more gains, before they really pick a candidate. So now, there are so far, 13 candidates. The list follows:
  1. Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia
  2. Victor Hugo Cardenas (made it official on August 12)
  3. Samuel Doria Medina (UN) (made it official on August 12)
  4. Jorge Quiroga (Podemos) (made it official on August 13)
  5. Manfred Reyes Villa (...) (will make it official on August 25)
  6. German Antelo (MNR) (announced he is looking for a vice president on August 12)
  7. Rene Joaquino (AS) (already in the race)
  8. Alejo Veliz (Pueblos Unidos por la Libertad y Soberanía - Pulso) (will announce August 15)
  9. Hugo San Martin (Alianza por el Verdadero Cambio Democrático - AVCD)
  10. Roman Loayza
  11. Peter Maldonado (dissident Deputy of the UN)
  12. Ana Maria Flores (NFR Senator) (August 22 will present her list)
  13. Juan Choque (Causa por Bolivia)
September 7 is the deadline for candidates to present their lists and formalize their candidacy. So there is still time for the opposition to pull together and pick a candidate. So far, we have to still wait for what is coming.

Source: La Razon article.

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