May 03, 2009

The Assasination Plot in Bolivia

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As you very well may know the story about these "terrorists" who were in Bolivia and were planning to assassinate, among others, Evo Morales, goes on and on. The investigations are still underway but the verdicts are already out. Three people are dead and two are in jail. Of the latest, alleged terrorists, one is the Hungarian Elod Toaso.

The Bolivian government brands him as terrorist and his family in Hungary say he is an innocent young man. The sister, I think, sent me the website she (maybe they) built for him.

In it, they ask the European Union to take care of Toaso because he is innocent and his rights are being violated.

This situation can potentially be a strong blow for the government if it does not clarify the case. Especially, after the alleged terrorists were shot to death and some accounts have, again, alleged they were executed and not shot in fire exchange. The government can potentially come out in a bad light from this case not only internationally, due to the fact that some of those men were European citizens, but nationally because the memory of former military regimes is still fresh in the collective Bolivian memory.