February 07, 2009

The New Political Constitution of the Bolivian State (NCPE)

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President Morales proclaimed today the New Political Constitution of the Bolivian State (NCPE), in Spanish Nueva Constitución Política del Estado, in El Alto, La Paz at 12:54 p.m. (16:54 GMT). The ceremony took place in a corner of La Paz's International Airport, John F. Kennedy.

Morales spoke of the end of oppression for the indigenous people, a new Bolivia and unity. The latter at a time when Bolivia seems to be even more divided than before (video of the speech in Erbol).

His Vice President, as he was receiving the official results from the electoral court, agreed that this constitution had major contradictions. For the first time since he is in office, he pointed to the American Constitution's amendments and said that was the way constitutions would be refined.

This link from Fides shows the text of the old and new constitutions with the corrections and additions.

Below, find some pictures of the ceremony. Thanks to the ABI.