Observations to the Government's Actions

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I cannot help but keep noticing, what I consider, troubling actions by the new government. It appears that the new lower house has just passed a one time only modification to the electoral code, whereby it would allow the people who could not be registered to vote for the last elections (for various reasons) to register anyway so they can vote. Now, this measure might seem logical in a democracy. After all everyone in the country should be involved and able to vote. However, the case gets complex when issues of double registration, voting of the deceased, voting in two or more places, etcetera arise.

Last December the electoral court prevented, through its registration process, these kinds of irregularities. That resulted on many (I don't really know how many) people unable to vote. Some of those people tried to register after the registration deadline. But, aside from speculations, the government now is trying to do away with this purging process. If this "one time only modification" makes it into law, it would open the voting process to be vulnerable to irregularities (so as not to be so strong).

My question is: why is the government doing this? Surely there are other ways to assure all eligible voters are able to vote.

And another bone to pick with this new government. It turns out that on March 27, the leadership of MAS (not the government) "directed" or ordered all bureaucrats, from top to bottom, to contribute 5% of their salaries to this party. These funds should be used in financing "events" (national, departmental and others).

I have never seen or known of such a surcharge on bureaucrat's salaries. Why is the leadership of a political party "instructing" bureaucrats in ministries, agencies and so on, to transfer funds directly to the party's coffers? With what kind of power is this political party acting? Doesn't MAS receive public funds like the other parties? Yes it does (the same funds it wants to abolish).

Just some food for thought!

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