Liquid Gas Shortage Hits La Paz Hard

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It has been already three weeks that pacenos cannot cook their meals normaly because there is a severe shortage of liquid gas to cook their meals with. This seemingly incomprehensible shortage in production has been escalating into full blown chaos and frustrations being shown by (what else) road blockades!

The government is and has been trying to normalize the distribution but its efforts have proven vain. This is shown by the gradual increase of protests and demonstrations being carried out all over the city. In El Alto, citizens have once again come out on the streets and currently are in the process of blockading important roads, like the one giving access to the only international airport in La Paz.

The government has gone so far as to order producing companies to increase production of liquid gas.

This is scary in the sense that these kinds of protests tend to escalate into real crises in Bolivia. People are being seriously tested for their patience there. The thing is that patience is starting to run thin.

Images from Yahoo News: Bolivia

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