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The charismatic leader of the most antisystemic political party in Bolivia, Felipe Quispe Huanca, speaks to La Razón. Here is a rough translation of this interview.

"I can bet, Evo will never be president, he already missed the opportunity"

Felipe Quispe (FQ)
La Razon (LR)

LR: You are concentrating your campaign in La Paz. Why are you seeking the presidency and not the prefecture?
FQ: Ever since I came out of my mother's womb I thought of governing this country. That is why I went to the university and studied, to be president. I have to make that dream come true.
LR: Don't you think that your candidacy weakens the possibilities that an indigenous like Evo Morales could become president?
FQ: By nature the indigenous movements have been divided. In colonial times one group fought with the Spaniards and the other fought against. Today, Evo Morales' supporters are allied with the Spaniards descendents and we are fighting against today's system. That doesn't mean that one day all the indigenous movements will unite.
LR: Do you consider yourself a better representative of indigenous interests than Evo Morales?
FQ: MAS is an hybrid, a mixture. They are not the indigenous nation's expression, but rather from the middle class and the sour and destituted left. MAS is like a whore house where the leftist prostitutes work. We are different. We are indigenists.
LR: What is the difference between the programs of MAS and MIP?
FQ: Ther is no difference. They copied everything from us. They stole our program.
LR: Would you say the first majority should be respected in the elections as Quiroga proposed?
FQ: No. That was always talked about but the right always ends up negotiating power among themselves. Doria Medina, chinese Nagatani (he is japanese) and others who came from the racist and colonialist oligarchy will come together and MAS will be left alone, as usual.
LR: If Evo Morales wins the elections, will you support.........
FQ: No, he will not win. That is already decided. In life opportunities come only once and Evo missed his last elections. I could bet Evo will never be president. Evo has been bloaded like a ballon but after the elections MAS will divide. Alvaro Garcia Linera (vice-president candidate of MAS) has private plans and he wants to found his own party in the same style of Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz's partido socialista. All the leftists will go with him.
LR: If Tuto Quiroga wins the elections will you let him govern?
FQ: There will be war. They are already wearing red jackets announcing indigenous blood. They will clamp down on us with the military because they will not nationalize Bolivia's resources.
LR: You said you will concentrate your campaign in regions where you have more possibilities of vote due to economic reasons. Is that not contradictory for someone who wants to be president?
FQ: No, that is the strategy. I have studied Machiavelo and the psichology of our people. I am not stupid to throw money away. I project myself for 100 years. That is why I founded football schools and I am working with kids. I am not seeking inmediate results. MIP is a project for the indigenous nation.
LR: What is your progam for Eastern Bolivia (the Santa Cruz region)?
FQ: To develope the agricultural industry with special care of the Pachamama (mother earth).
LR: What are MIP's plans in Congress?
FQ: We will fight for an indigenous social security. To achieve that we will scratch law 21060 (the piece of legislation establishing Bolivia's current market economy). We will give incentives to provide work to the unemployed intelectuals and middle class people.
LR: You said if you don't get elected to Congress' upper chamber, you'll leave politics. Does MIP have a future without Felipe Quispe?
FQ: MIP is not my private property. It has political school and ideology. Men and women are training to lead the party in the future.

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