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Elections 2019: First Election Polls


The first urban-rural poll of this year gives President Morales 38.1% advantage on the intention vote. That means 11 points above Carlos Mesa, who with 27.1% is second in this election race. Third place is made up with people who do not want to respond or do not know yet with 16.2%.

The presidential candidate of the Bolivia Dice No (21F) alliance, Óscar Ortiz, is on fourth place with 8.7%, while the candidate for Civic Solidarity Union (UCS), Víctor Hugo Cárdenas, is in fifth place with 3.6%.

The list continues with former president Jaime Paz Zamora on sixth place (2.8%) for the Christian Democratic Party (PDC). The last place is held by the businessman Virginio Lema, of the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (MNR), who obtained only 1.9%.

More details, with images are found in this link.

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