November 28, 2013

Deepening the Process of Change in Bolivia


The Morales government has been very busy deepening its so called Process of Change. Once they approved the 2009 constitution, the government and its legislative branch began the process of passing the necessary laws to implement such process. In a prior post I spoke about the main laws the government had wanted to pass to start the process. Now I am compiling the other necessary, but less important, laws to complete the process.

On January 2012, the government organized the Plurinational Encounter for the Deepening of the Process of Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This event, which was the second phase with the first taking place on December 12 to 15, 2011 in Cochabamba, gathered upwards of 6000 people representing somewhere in the order of 760 civil society organizations, of all types, primarily the government's bases of supporters. The conclusions resulted in the presentation of around 600 proposals of how the process should continue, i.e. the demands of the movements, and about 70 proposals for laws.

November 05, 2013

Allowance for People Who Travel to Bolivia


Bolivian law allows people who travel to Bolivia to bring with them, without having to pay any taxes, used articles for personal use. In the case of new articles, each person has an allowance of US$ 1000 free of taxes. Anything above that sum is subjected to tax.

The used Items are:

Electronic articles such as photo cameras, laptops, video and audio recorders, cellular phones, sport articles, musical instrument, and personal assistance articles for children and handicaped people.

Here you have the official flyer in Spanish, put together by the National Border Agency (Aduana Nacional).