March 06, 2013

After Chavez's Death, What Happens to Bolivia or Evo?

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And what now?

That is the question many people are asking all over Latin America now that the peculiar Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, has passed away.

That is a valid question, because, aside from becoming the principal ideological reference and the leadership force of the so called Socialism of the XXI century, which has been very influential especially in Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, as well as in lesser degree in countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brasil, Chavez had at his disposal large sums of financial resources to back up this ideology around the world and specially in the Latin American region.

The current Bolivian government and its President, Evo Morales, have benefited with a special friendship Chavez, and so, Bolivia too is asking herself the same question: and what now?