October 11, 2012

Video About the Festivities Celebrating 30 Years of Democracy in Bolivia

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This video shows in 8 minutes 30 years of democracy in Bolivia (October 10, 1982 - 2012). Thanks to the people of the magazine La Mala Palabra.

October 03, 2012

Bolivia's Economic Development in Regional Context

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The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) has released its 2012 economic report on the region. In it, ECLAC argues that Latin America has been able to navigate the current and former crises since 2008 and that despite (or perhaps in spite of) it all, the region has been able to grow economically at decent rates.

So, I ask myself, how has Bolivia been developing in comparison to its neighbors?

First of all, the global context has not been very promising, that is, following the conventional wisdom that if the world is doing well economically, by extension, Latin America must do well too. The reverse applies in the same manner. But, reality contradicts this assumption.

For instance, at the global level, the major market in the world, the European Union, is not doing that well. You all know the Euro Zone is going through a serious debt crisis, which in the end is also affecting the growth of the US, China and India. However, as I just wrote above, the Latin America region is doing surprisingly well.

What does that say? Perhaps that Latin America is not that dependent on the European Union.