December 28, 2012

15 Literary Works of Bolivia

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The Bolivian government, namely the Ministry of Culture, produced a list with 15 of the most significant literary works (in the last 100 years?) of Bolivia.

  1. Historia de la Villa Imperial de Potosí, from Bartolomé Arzáns de Orsúa y Vela;
  2. Juan de la Rosa, from Nataniel Aguirre; 
  3. Íntimas, from Adela Zamudio; 
  4. Raza de bronce, from Alcides Arguedas; 
  5. Aluvión de fuego, from Óscar Cerruto; 
  6. La Virgen de las Siete Calles, from Alfredo Flores; 
  7. La Chaskañawi, from Carlos Medinaceli; 
  8. Los deshabitados, from Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz; 
  9. El Loco, from Arturo Borda; 
  10. Tirinea, from Jesús Urzagasti; 
  11. Matías, el apóstol suplente, from Julio de la Vega; 
  12. Felipe Delgado, from Jaime Saenz; 
  13. El otro gallo, from Jorge Suárez; 
  14. El run run de la calavera, from Ramón Rocha Monroy; 
  15. Jonás y la ballena rosada, from Wolfango Montes Vannuci.

From those, I only read two, Raza de Bronce and Chaskanawi, which were obligatory in my primary education.


Mar said...

Actually, the first one is an account of Potosi before the Republic, when the silver mining and the importance of the city where at their peak... so at least is 300 years old... this encompasses XX century publications, which include an university account of Arzans de Orzua y Vela (Potosi 1600 by Ramon Rocha Monroy is a great introduction of this work).

Miguel A. Buitrago said...

Hey Mar, Happy New Year! What would be your list of the 15 most influential Bolivian literary works?