October 07, 2011

The Judicial Elections in Bolivia and the Spoil Vote Campaign

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Here is a post, for a change, after a long time (talking about understatements, but that is another story).

As you know, in Bolivia there will be a new round of elections on October 16. This time voters will elect judges for four judicial entities. These entities were created as well as adopted in the newest version of the Bolivian Constitution of 2009. The entities are The Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the Magistrate Council (a control institution) and the Agro-Environment Court. If you visit the newly refurbished website of the electoral organism, renamed Organo Electoral Plurinacional or Plurinational Electoral Organ, you can get all this information and more.Of course, you can also like the Facebook page of the elections. That way you can get updated more often.

The reason for my post is to call attention to a not so often seen development in Bolivian elections. Some people in the oposition (and please do not qutomatically equate oposition with Santa Cruz or the media luna), by this I mean people who are opposed to these elections, have engaged in the promotion of the spoiled vote as a form of a protest vote. A good example is this document which spells out how exactly one is to spoil the vote in order to protest against this kind of elections.


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