January 13, 2011

On the Gasolinazo!

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Pukara is a magazine that is published once a month (in paper) and also electronically. This time they've published a special issue on the Gasolinazo, that I think is worth a read.

Here is the link.


Gringo said...

From Alek Boyd’s blog: Video desmonta propaganda de Evo Morales sobre magnicidio en Bolivia. I wonder how much effect this will have.

mabb said...

I would say, by itself, marginal. But, if you add to it the rise in prices, the weak performance of the government's nationalization of YPFB, the role that characters like Rada played in the government and the image they had within the "bases", the wearing out of the government, questionable policy moves (i.e. la ley mordaza), etc, etc, I would say the Evo government is on its way to political reality. I would also say, only its abilty to hold on to its almost consolidated power would make up for those weakneses I mentioned.

Gringo said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword: Bolivian President Evo Morales flees town ahead of speech after angry miners throw dynamite in protest at food shortages. Why didn't he stick around to knee someone in the testicles ? [Sorry, I couldn't resist the last one.]

Gringo said...

Not bothering to clear out spam, Miguel?
The Bolivian Government Cannot Hide Ahmad Vahidi.

mabb said...

Yeah, I am really bothered by all these spamers and the work that takes having to delete these comments (I realize I don't get too many, but anyways it does take some significant time to remove each one. Especially when you just alloted 30 min. for internet work every morning). I am seriously thinking about finally creating a real blog at my own address. But, I am not sure if that would really help. Also, these so called "advancements" in blogger leave a lot to desire for. I am not really happy with the way my blog looks like. But, yes you are right, I have been neglecting my blog for some time. Sorry about that!

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