January 22, 2010

Images of Morales' Inauguration Ceremony

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Here are some images from ABI of Morales' Possession as the spiritual leader of the country.

Click on the images to see them in greater detail.


Gringo said...

"Spiritual leader of the country"

How many take that seriously?
How many consider it to be a joke?
How many are even aware of it?

mabb said...

My take is that there is an awful lot of people who do take him seriously. That is why we are seeing the images above. I mean, he is a modern times Inca king. Look at the way he dresses and the elaborate ceremony they made in his honor. At the very least, it lookes like Bolivia is going back in time.

Somehow, I find it interesting to observe how the cultural shades of politics come to light.

Anonymous said...

Morales wearing that huge watch with the preInca garbs doesn't pass the fashion test. It's as if one of the big blue guys in Avatar were to fly a human ship.

Jonathan L. said...

Can anyone tell me about the diamond shaped wands that the male shamans are carrying? I don't believe these are actually Bolivian?

When I was in Pucallpa Peru, I traded with an indigenous women from the Shipiboo tribe a piece of Jewelry for one of these wands.... I believe they are Amazonian. Any takers?

mabb said...

yes, that is an Amazonian high priest who's holding the symbol. That is not just an Andean ceremony.