December 09, 2009

The First Actions of the New Plurinational Legislative Assembly

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The government and the new Plurinational Legislative Assembly, henceforth, assembly, will need to pass a number of laws in the next weeks. The first five, which by constitutional mandate have to be approved within 180 days from the first day of the assembly, are as follows:

1. The law of the Plurinational Electoral Organ (OEP, in Spanish)
2. The electoral law (probably the current transitory law will do)
3. The law of the Judicial Organ
4. The law of the Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal
5. The framework law for autonomies and decentralization

These laws have priority because they will be needed for the next steps, namely the upcoming April municipal and prefectural elections and the constitutional check of the autonomic statutes.

Other laws voted in the assembly will be: the universal health coverage insurance law, the education law (Abelino Sinani), and the anticorruption law (Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz).

Source: La Razon