October 20, 2009

Oil and Gas Report 4Q

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The research analysis website research and markets has published a report on Bolivia's Oil and Gas situation to the fourth quarter 2009. Of course, the entire report costs over €400, but one can take a glimpse on this website.

The report concludes: "Bolivia now shares seventh place with Ecuador in BMI’s Upstream Business Environment rating, four points behind Argentina but well ahead of Mexico. Its proven gas resources and gas reserves-toproduction ratio (RPR) work in the country’s favour, but are undermined by the state’s renewed control of assets, deteriorating licensing regime and generally unappealing risk environment. The country is at the foot of the league table in BMI’s updated Downstream Business Environment rating, reflecting its statecontrolled refining and marketing segment, modest capacity and less competitive environment, offset by a relatively low level of retail site intensity and the country’s gas self-sufficiency. Ecuador is immediately ahead of Bolivia in the regional rankings, but a wide gap exists between the two that is unlikely to be bridged by Bolivia at any point in the near future. "