July 08, 2009

Elections 2009

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Here is an article from La Razon where one can see how many candidate wanna-bes there are:

René Joaquino • First candidate to announce he is running.

Román Loayza • Former MAS leader.

Víctor Hugo Cárdenas • Former Vicepresident will announce his candidacy end of July.

Alejo Véliz • Already in campaign.

Manfred Reyes Villa • Former Cochabamba Prefect, allied with promising young politician, Adriana Gil and with Marcial Fabricano.

Hugo San Martín • Has support from the middle class, will announce later.

Conalde • Opposition prefects work on a political formula and a candidate.

Óscar Ortiz • Senate President and former Podemos member wants to run.

Podemos • This Citizen Gruoup wants to support Jorge Quiroga for president.

Peter Maldonado • Former UN militant seeks political backing.

MIR - NSD • The remake of MIR is seeking an identity, a candidate and support (possible leader Rodrigo Paz, son of former party leader, Jaime Paz).

MNR • Seeking alliances and candidates.

Felipe Quispe • El Mallku wants to run against Evo.