July 08, 2009

Elections 2009

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Here is an article from La Razon where one can see how many candidate wanna-bes there are:

René Joaquino • First candidate to announce he is running.

Román Loayza • Former MAS leader.

Víctor Hugo Cárdenas • Former Vicepresident will announce his candidacy end of July.

Alejo Véliz • Already in campaign.

Manfred Reyes Villa • Former Cochabamba Prefect, allied with promising young politician, Adriana Gil and with Marcial Fabricano.

Hugo San Martín • Has support from the middle class, will announce later.

Conalde • Opposition prefects work on a political formula and a candidate.

Óscar Ortiz • Senate President and former Podemos member wants to run.

Podemos • This Citizen Gruoup wants to support Jorge Quiroga for president.

Peter Maldonado • Former UN militant seeks political backing.

MIR - NSD • The remake of MIR is seeking an identity, a candidate and support (possible leader Rodrigo Paz, son of former party leader, Jaime Paz).

MNR • Seeking alliances and candidates.

Felipe Quispe • El Mallku wants to run against Evo.


mcentellas said...

I'm also amazed by the large number of candidates (or potential candidates). I'm not sure how many will eventually really enter the race, at least w/ any genuine prospects. I don't think Maldonado, Ortiz, or San Martin have much hope. And I think many of the others will drop out or join forces eventually. But it's still a long way to December!

mabb said...

Yes, it's a long way to December. I am expecting more excitement.