May 23, 2009

General Elections 2009

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There are a number of names circulating around to participate in the coming general elections in December 2009. In April I posted twice (here and here) on the same topic. In those posts I talked about the intention of Victor H. Cardenas and Roman Loayza, two indigenous and well established political leaders, to run for president. This I said, would be a challenge and a problem for Evo Morales.

Now, there are more names to throw around. Savina Cuellar in Chuquisaca is one of those names as well as Mario Cossio in Tarija and Senate President, Oscar Ortiz, in Santa Cruz. To those names we can add those of somewhat known character such as Rene Joaquino from Alianza Social and Alejo Veliz (campesino leader).

All of them are in the process to acquire legal status with the electoral court.


mcentellas said...

I think most of those people will run for prefect, so the field will clear up again soon. It's possible that all the things that separate the opposition (which ranges from the far right to the radical left) may keep them from combining. And the animosity of many Media Luna supporters to traditional political figures (e.g. Mesa) is higher than it is in places like La Paz; so that might also factor in.

But again, all the opposition has to do is keep Evo from winning in the first round (which he most likely will win). I've said it before, the two-round runoff system might just bite Evo. Though, of course, if the opposition wins in the sizeable MAS legislative bloc will make things tough for him/her, too.

Gringo said...

Any ideas on why Evo canceled his trips to Hugoslavia and to El Salvador? Getting too hot at home to risk a trip out of the country?

Gringo said...

Apparently Evo knew something that we didn’t when yesterday he cancelled his trips to Venezuela and El Salvador : Thugo cancels trip to El Salvador.

There is some interesting news lately about Evo’s patron, such as his cutting short a planned four day cadena marathon of Alo Presidente, where all Free TV in Venezuela would have been preempted by Thugo talking, and Thugo first inviting Vargas Llosa to a debate and then cancelling.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to understand how under the new constitution the powers of the catholic church will be limited. Does the catholic church still control land in Bolivia?

mabb said...

I am not sure Loayza, Cardenas, and the others will end up running for prefects. Maybe some, but not all. I would say, it is reasonable to expect Cardenas to run for president.

Well, one reason for Evo to cancel his trip could be that the plane usually at his disposal was not available this time. And this may have to do with Hugo not going either. But, it's all speculation.

The Catholic Church in Bolivia has lost its influence in this presidency. Evo, and he wrote it in his constitution, considers that andinismo and other semi-religious beliefs that come from the Andean cultures are also allowed to be practiced. Therefore, the constitution does not mention the Catholic belief as the main religion.

Yes, the church still has land all over Bolivia. I am not sure what you mean by control, but I assume they own it and use it.

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