May 23, 2009

General Elections 2009

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There are a number of names circulating around to participate in the coming general elections in December 2009. In April I posted twice (here and here) on the same topic. In those posts I talked about the intention of Victor H. Cardenas and Roman Loayza, two indigenous and well established political leaders, to run for president. This I said, would be a challenge and a problem for Evo Morales.

Now, there are more names to throw around. Savina Cuellar in Chuquisaca is one of those names as well as Mario Cossio in Tarija and Senate President, Oscar Ortiz, in Santa Cruz. To those names we can add those of somewhat known character such as Rene Joaquino from Alianza Social and Alejo Veliz (campesino leader).

All of them are in the process to acquire legal status with the electoral court.