May 10, 2009

Elections December 2009: Preliminary Survey of the Vote

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This is the first survey I see on the candidates for the coming December general elections. According to the results, which are good for April, Morales has 41% support, followed by Carlos Mesa with 7% (who said is not running), Victor Hugo Cardenas with 7% (who is not officially in the race yet, but already said will run), Jorge Quiroga with 6% and Ruben Costas with 5%.

Also, 60% of the people surveyed thought Morales will win the elections. Finally, 14% think Mesa and/or Quiroga are the best opposition candidates. Both are followed by Cardenas with 10% and Costas with 7%.

I will be willing to bet if such results keep coming up and the percentage of support for Mesa rise, he will change his mind. After all, the reason he ventured into politics, he said, is because he thought he had accumulated a certain amount of experience and knowledge which made him feel he could be ready for the presidency. So much for one's own view of one self!

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La Prensa article


mcentellas said...

Thanks for posting this. I still think Evo will be reelected. But I think MAS won't win a majority in the legislature (I'll explain why in a post Mon/Tue, once I sort it out better myself). I also don't think Mesa could beat Evo. He might be popular in some circles, but very unpopular in others. But a Cardenas-Mesa ticket ... maybe? Although, the new 2nd round system makes it possible that Evo could win 1st round and still lose in 2nd round ...

Ruben Hilari said...

ch'u ch'u ch'u, Evo is teaching us how to govern a country. Good luck!!!

Marcelo said...

That's right. He's teaching us how to govern a country... into a big disaster:
- Foreign policy (Iran and Venezuela)
- Economy (just another 3rd poor country sit on a gold chair)
- Internal Issues ("divide and defeat", Bolivia is not a country, but "36 internal nations".

500 years later, we are in the same ol'situation: poor, angry by our skin conditions and suckin at soccer!!