February 20, 2009

Bolivia, its Millenium Account and its Scores

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Bolivia has been excluded from the Millenium Challenge scheme the US government uses to distribute foreign aid. The MCC is in charge of giving aid to those selected countries that achieve good scores in a complex score system developed by the MCC. Above you can see the score card for 2009 on Bolivia. The main reason why Bolivia has been excluded is the deteriorating political conditions.

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Anonymous said...

It seems nobody cares. Carnaval time.

Kevin said...

Miguel - just to be correct, the MCC did not develop the scoring system; instead it takes indicators from various third party institutions. MCC does not 'score' countries. Bolivia was excluded because of the downward trend in the key 3rd party indicators and the lack of social consensus. The country can become re-eligible if they achieve in the 2010 review that will take place in late 2009.

mabb said...

Thanks for the corrections Kevin. And yes, I think everyone is in carnaval mood right now. Bolivia's history says that how they lost the sea access. :-)

Kevin said...

Thanks for posting this Miguel... it is important for Bolivians to know that they are losing much needed foreign assistance support because of the ineffectiveness of the Morales Administration and the lack of social consensus.

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