January 01, 2009

The Referendum in January and the Government's Version

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The government's office of Public Administration Observatory (OGP), has released this survey on oncoming referendum to approve the new constitution (January 25). Much depends on the results of this referendum. That is why the government is betting the whole house on it. As you can see, the government predicts an overwhelming victory. To the questions Will you vote? the government predicts that 85% of the people will go voting. To the question Will you support the new constitution?, the government is predicting 64% support, nationally.

For more detailed information on how each region comes out, take a look at the report. What surprised me is that the numbers for the "NO" vote in regions such as Santa Cruz, Sucre and Tarija are rather weak. I am attributing this to the fact that the survey comes from the government. However, I would like to see more surveys done.

January will be another interesting month.