January 25, 2009

Preliminary Results

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Update 1:

The results are clear, one day after the referendum. According to recounts, table by table, the Oruro Constitution has won approval by the electorate. The results are:

58.7% approve

41.3% reject

The press is reporting a 90% level of participation. Historical indeed!

The CNE said the official results will be available on February 20.

Preliminary results are starting to show the Oruro Constitution has won approval by 54% against 46%. The departments that approved the constitution were: La Paz (77%), Cochabamba (62%), Potosi (73%), and Oruro (73%). The departments that rejected the new constitution were: Santa Cruz (68%), Tarija (56%), Pando (57%), and Beni (68%). The department of Chuquisaca is undecided with 50-50.

The result is: 54% for SI and 46% for NO.

When we take a look at the results per capital of department, the result would be a defeat for the new constitution. The results are as follow: La Paz (61%), Potosi (57%), Oruro (64%) and El Alto (82%) have voted to approve the new constitution. Santa Cruz (73%), Cochabamba (58%), Tarija (62%), Cobija (63%), Trinidad (66%), and Sucre (71%), voted to reject the new constitution.

That would result in: 47% for the SI and 53% for the NO.

The difference make the vote in Cochabamba and Sucre. The results in Sucre, at the departmental level are not that clear. There is still room for the department to turn into a NO department. The full results are not in yet. In Cochabamba, it was to be expected that the city was going to vote NO and the rural areas were going to vote SI. It looks like the rural areas are winning, so far.

On the question about the size of large private land, it looks like Bolivians in general want to limit that size to 5000 hectares.

Reports below:

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