December 30, 2008

The Shape of the Current State

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This is another graph published by La Razon, which shows which public offices are filled by pro tempore officials. What the article talks about is that the government has appointed pro tempore people to fill these offices. It also shows however, the extent to which the government and MAS have taken over the government. Most, if not all officials, are MAS supporters; people who do not dare question the government or the party.

In prior posts, I have argued that this was part of the government's plans to stay in power. Once they occupy most of these offices, there'll be no one who will question the government's policies.


dv said...

These pro tempore jobs also behold the whole family to MAS. Any dissent from a family member could jeopardize that job. A poor economy only makes Morales position stronger.

mabb said...

Yes, there've also been some reports talking about the nepotism within MAS. Curiously, it was one of the larger criticisms to the old political elite.

dv said...

I was thinking more along the lines that one person who owes his job to the pleasure of MAS, gives MAS control over the politics of the whole family.
You may not have a job at risk, but if your cousin has a nice job that is important to family you would be pressured to support MAS.

I agree its not a new criticism, but expanding government magnifies the problem greatly.