October 19, 2008

Sunday Session of Congress

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Today's Congress session is very important for Bolivia's crisis. Today, the government wants to pass the laws convoking to the approval referendum for the government's constitution.

Above you can see two Podemos deputies arriving to Congress withe mattresses and covers ready to stay in the building in order to assure the 'right' required quorum and prevent the government to pass any laws without the opposition.

As you may very well know, the government's strategy is to siege Congress and prevent any opposition member of Congress to enter the building. This way they cannot vote against the measures.

The only thing is that I could not find the names of these deputies. Does anyone recognize them?


Kevin said...

Don't know the names - will try to find out... but these ladies and others from the oppoition are the last bastion against a dictatorship in Bolivia.

Luis Eduardo Siles said...

The one in the bottom picture is Ninoska Lazarte from Cochabamba whom as you may remember was beaten up by a mob outside the congress in a previous siege. Only 20 votes make the difference between Morales having the two thirds required to pass anything he wants but since he his so unable to negotiate in good faith he pays for 20 000 poor peasants to scare the hell off this 20 votes... Ninoska is a very courageous lady

mabb said...

Thanks for the info Luis Eduardo. Looking forward to read you more in Perro Negro. :-)