October 24, 2008

The New Constitution

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This is the first version I've seen of the new constitution. Take a look at here (in Spanish only).

Here is the old version to compare it to.

With a bit more time I will post some opinions.



mcentellas said...

Interesting that throughout the text the word "citizenship" was replaced w/ "nationality."

mabb said...

What I find particular is the large number of rights Bolivians have acquired and the disproportional and small number of obligations listed in the text.

Aside from other observations, what strikes me is the use of some terms such as "solidarity responsibility" (referring to the cabinet). What does that mean?

Also, this new constitution, as you say, has indeed a strong federalist color. Since the new deliberative bodies at lower levels can legislate now. It is also interesting to notice that the competencies are subdivided into those proper of the central government and those of the lower levels of government, as well as shared competencies.

In the economic front, the government has become the center of growth and planning, as far as I can tell.

So far some comments.

Kevin said...

This seccion is key - the 'track changes' does not come through on a cut and paste. But Seccion IV Derecho a la Propiedad - says.... 1) no expropriation of rural/agricultural land for not meeting the social funcion and 2) that urban land cannot be reverted to the State.
This is a huge change in the CPE - as prior the determination of 'social function' was determined by the State (Masistas currently in-charge of land). Also - eliminating even the possibility of taking urban land is a very significant change... it appears this whole 'rule of law' thing is working. Wonder why the MAS did not try this before? I suppose they wanted to solidify the advances they have already made - and they did this through the electoral fraud of the Evo referendum. En otras palabras - now that they had "legitimacy" they were willing to compromise... plus Lula and Bachelet told Evo to get in-line ---- or else!
Have not read it all - but not bad at this point.
Thank Gosh Chavez in not involved in any of this - another 'bright move' by the MASistas.

Gringo said...

Off topic: Any details on the reasons for Evo’s proposed nasal surgery ? I thought of a product that is on occasion ingested up the nose, known to damage the nasal passage.

Bolivian President Evo Morales says he will soon undergo nasal surgery to ease persistent head and ear aches.Morales has canceled several appearances in recent days for health reasons.The 49-year-old president told reporters Saturday that doctors have recommended nasal surgery to correct his problem. He did not give details on his condition or what type of operation is planned.Morales said he is consulting his Cabinet to pick a date for the procedure. According to the constitution, Vice President Alvaro Garcia would be in charge while Morales is incapacitated.

jules.girardet@sciencespo.univ-lille2.fr said...


I found your blog few weeks ago, it's quite a good job you're doing mabb. Really, I found this website plenty of interest, thought I do not always agree with all the comments made.

Well, I have a request here. I'm planning to go to Bolivia in order to do some researchs. Briefly I want to explore the links between social movements and democracy in El Alto. That supposes observation and interviews etc.
I just like to know if you know any research or analysis center, or even NGO based in La Paz that would be interested in my work and so be likely to help me or just lead me a bit... I feel like I need a structure that could introduce me to the social organizations and all of this.