October 14, 2008

Disturbing Trends

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I Came across this video from Telepais, a cruceno TV channel (very opposed to Evo), which shows a speech Juan Ramon Quintana (Minister of the Presidency) gave to campesinos in Cobija (Beni department).

Putting aside the fact that the video is presented in a sensationalist manner to drive the point to the extreme, it would be difficult to ignore what Quintana is saying.

Quintana shows his true colors in this video!

Apparently, he did not know he was being filmed. However, now he knows and he, or the government, did something about it.

On the morrow of the 13th., Jorge Melgar, a journalist from Riberalta (also in Beni), who worked on a local TV station, was captured by government special forces with a variety of charges. At 4:30 am government forces (which a witness says were military and some Venezuelans and not police) stormed into his house, tied him up and took him away. It seems that Melgar filmed Quintana and then published the video in a Santa Cruz media outlet (Telepais).

In addition, Melgar, is said to be very critical of the government and allegedly has expressed his rather violent desires on the air in his program. The government has videos where Melgar speaks just as bad as Quintana.

However, the actions of the government are no less disturbing. Over the last month, the government has been rounding up people in a clear illegal manner. These special forces just storm people's houses and take the target persons without showing the required documentation to arrest someone. This was the modus operandi when the government "arrested" Leopoldo Fernandez (the Pando Prefect) and many other opposition activists.