September 03, 2008

Update on Bolivia

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Violence is turning into a daily affair in Bolivia. Yesterday, the civic organizations in Trinidad, the capital city of Beni, engaged into a violent confrontation with state security forces which were preventing this mob from taking public buildings. The organizations decided to occupy public buildings to prevent the central government from carrying out the referendum to approve its constitution.

In the Chaco region the road blockade is going into its 9th day. This situation is turning unsustainable because there are two antagonist groups getting ready for confrontation. On the one side, government supporters want to brake the blockade and on the other side, opposition groups want to radicalize the protests.

On the political level, the government has vowed to continue the 'approval' referendum scheduled for December. This is significant because it is a response to the electoral court's decision not to carry on with the process based on a lack of legality argument. The CNE decided to stop the process because there is a need for Congress to call or issue a law calling to referendum. The decree issued by Morales is not acceptable.

In the mean time, Morales has been to Lybia and is wrapping up his visit to Iran.

He has signed a number of agreements and statements of intent pledging loyalty, friendship and resistance against the empire!

He has also sought to bring investment to Bolivia in the area of energy.

This is what is going on these days!


Gringo said...

Libya and Iran.Such friends of democracy, right, locojohn? But I doubt you like such countries enough to go live in them.

Anonymous said...

Right. Where gays are hung and women beaten for showing "too much ankle".

Frank_IBC said...

I just want to make sure I understand what is going on - these blockades are being done by MAS's opponents, not MAS, this time?

mabb said...

The road blockades in Chaco region are being carried out by the various civic organizations, which are ascribed to the opposition (autonomistas).

The MAS forces want to go there and force the opening of the roads.

They were upset because the opposition prefects were not supporting this measure and that was dividing the opposition, but I think yesterday the CONALDE decided to support by calling for a strike.

Kevin said...

Now the MAS has announced a 'siege' of Santa Cruz starting at midnight Monday. It will be interesting to see how a siege can be installed by the MAS without direct military/police support from Evo's Government. So, it is getting very difficult [again].
Again, it looks like to time for a negotiated separation of powers and the establishment of an Autonomous Region of Eastern Bolivia. There are similiar regionsin many countries throughout the world.