September 14, 2008

Evo Morales: "Patria o Muerte"

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Country or death proclaims Evo Morales, calling his supporters to make the ultimate sacrifice to support his government.
Siempre hemos gritado 'patria o muerte', si no podemos vencer hay que morir por la patria y por el pueblo boliviano
"We have always cried 'country or death', if we cannot win, we have to die for our country and our Bolivian nation" Morales said in a speech given in Cochabamba on September 13.

I find this disturbing because it comes from the very organ supposed to prevent any kind of violence. As such, it has the responibility to speak and act responsibly and not to succumb under the pressure emanating from the opposition forces.

Although, we shouldn't forget that this violent rhetoric does not only come from the government but also fron the opposition. However, one party, namely the government, has perhaps the responsibility to initiate or give example and not incite to violence.

Meanwhile, the danger for more violence rises and rises. In Pando, as soon as the martial law was announced, the violent groups gathered there looted two weapons stores. It is presumed that the perpetrators were the same gruoup that attacked and murdered the group of MAS supporters days before in Porvenir. Witnesses say looters took guns and machine guns with ammunition and other weapons there available.

In the low-lands of Bolivia there is a similar situation as in the wild west in the States. People there are used to carry guns. The average household has guns. Now there are more guns available and I don't need to say what is the potential there.