September 17, 2008

Dialogue, at Last?

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Yes, the government and the opposition have agreed on principles which will be conducive to some sort of dialogue. The talks are supposed to be based on various bases for dialogue, the reinstating of social peace and the starting of the dialogue process. Some of the topics to be touched are: the direct taxes to natural gas (IDH, for its Bolivian meaning), autonomy for the departments and their statutes, the new constitution, the nomination of various political posts (judges and authorities in the electoral court), and a revision to the voter registration list. The agreement also talks about involving international mediators such as the OAS, the EU, UN, UNASUR and the Catholic Church.

After reading the document and considering the way it is written, I am surprised the government accepted it as it is. It seems the government has compromised a lot and is willing to negotiate seriously. At least, that is how it looks on paper. I want to give the government the benefit of the doubt (based on prior behavior) and wait.

Meanwhile, for those who cannot have enough about Bolivia I post this link where you can see many videos of the recent events in Bolivia. The site is called LatAm Blog.