September 19, 2008

The Dialogue

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As a way to illustrate the dialogue I am borrowing these pictures from the Ministry of Communications.

This is how it looks in the negotiating table. On the first image, Morales is at the head and the Prefects on his right. The second image shows, from r. to l. Savina Cuellar (Sucre), Ruben Costas (Santa Cruz), Mario Cossio (Tarija) and Ernesto Suarez (Beni). The third image shows the international witnesses (anyone who can identify these and others in the images please do).

Other players are: On the first image we have Carlos Romero (Assembly Member) and ..... On the second image we have Garcia (VP) and Luis Alberto Arce (Min. of Finances). On the fourth picture you can see the Catholic Church.

As said it before, if you could identify them the better!