August 29, 2008

The Next Steps to Follow by the Government of Bolivia

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After a 10 hour MAS summit, President Evo Morales issued Supreme Decree No. 29691. With it, he sets the new date to submit his constitution to the vote.

As the decree says, December 7, 2008 will be the date when Bolivians once again go to the ballot boxes to vote for:

1. Approval of the Oruro Constitution (Decembre 9, 2007)
2. Approval of the maximum extension of land that can be under private hands
3. The election of the La Paz and Cochabamba Prefects
4. The election of Sub-prefects and Departmental Assemblies

The decree is based on laws 3836 y 3837 from February 29, 2008, which norm the simultaneous elections and the date of the election, respectively. In addition, Law 3364 (Convocatoria a la Asamblea Constituyente) provides additional framework, according to the government.

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The opposition has immediately responded, they will not accept the referendum to take place.
So far there are individual reactions, but I think a coordinated continuation of the opposition will get more radical now.