August 23, 2008

Civil War in Bolivia?

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For the first time in this long crisis, I see, with fear, how the Beniano civic leader, Alberto Melgar seriously warns Bolivia and the government of civil war.

Melgar said:

“La situación en el departamento del Beni es insostenible, esto se nos está yendo cada vez más de las manos; nosotros estamos abogando para que no existan focos de violencia porque inclusive hay gente que quiere empuñar las armas, yo quiero decirle eso con mucha precisión: hay gente que quiere empuñar las armas para armar una revolución” (The situation in Beni is unsustainable, this is progressively going out of our hands, I want to say that with precision: there are people who want to raise arms to start a revolution).

This serious and public warning has to be taken as is by the government.

If the government keeps on trying on forcing its constitution, the situation can easily turn violent.