June 03, 2008

What's Happening to the Rule of Law in Bolivia?

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I am reading this report from La Razón and I cannot believe my eyes. Simultaneously, I am having horrendous flash backs.

The Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada, is talking, as if it were something natural, about the arrest of a person (a sucrense activist) with some "special unit of the national security forces" (alone the name gives me the creeps).

It turns out that the government has apprehended this person without an arrest warrant and its holding him, not in Sucre, where he lives, but in La Paz. This operation was not conducted by the police, but by the security forces or intelligence (as Bolivians like to call these groups). These people are not police officers and do not wear uniforms.

Rada alleges that the prisoner was involved in various criminal activities.

Here is the article.

What I find scary is that this guy (Rada) does not find problematic to arrest someone without an arrest warrant, by people dressed as civilians and then transports the person to another place other than the city where he lives.