June 30, 2008

Savina Cuellar is Elected Prefect in Sucre

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On Sunday, June 29, 2008, the department of Sucre (Chuquisaca) elected, once again, its head of government (Prefect). Savina Cuellar, the candidate backed by the civic organizations in Sucre city and running under the party Alianza Comite Interinstitucional - Movimiento Popular Ciudadano (ACI-MPC) , which roughly translates to Inter-institutional Alliance Committee - Popular Citizen Movement, won the elections. She got 55 % of the vote while her opponent, Walter Valda (MAS), got 45 % of the vote. This places Sucre squarely in the opposition camp. However, it is necessary to highlight that Cuellar won in the urban areas, and the MAS candidate won in the rural areas. Nevertheless, this is a loss for the central government.

More results can be seen here.

Savina Cuellar's goals are to bring back the seat of government to Sucre and to further autonomy for Sucre.

What an agenda!