May 04, 2008

Referendum Wins in Santa Cruz

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Official counts have already been published. As you can see in the picture, after 100% of the votes have been counted, the vote for the approval of the autonomic statutes has won with 85.1% of the vote.

The rest of the evening will be spent dancing and jumping in the main square of the city of Santa Cruz.
As the referendum slowly winds down in Santa Cruz, the first results are coming out. According to the reports, the won with an 85% of the vote against a 15% of the vote supporting the no. This results are based on an official report by Red Uno television of 80.7% of votes counted.

For its part, the government, through the Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada, declared the referendum a total failure. This judgment was based on the many violent incidents happening in and around the city of Santa Cruz.

At the same time, Santa Cruz is already preparing the big party celebrating the success of the campaign.

According to Fides, 31 thousand people did not get a chance to vote, and around 30% of voting tables were not open for different reasons.

Erbol reports that the incidents affected around 3% of registered voters. In addition, so far there are 60 ballot boxes burnt and a count of 10 wounded.