May 04, 2008

Referendum Wins in Santa Cruz

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Official counts have already been published. As you can see in the picture, after 100% of the votes have been counted, the vote for the approval of the autonomic statutes has won with 85.1% of the vote.

The rest of the evening will be spent dancing and jumping in the main square of the city of Santa Cruz.
As the referendum slowly winds down in Santa Cruz, the first results are coming out. According to the reports, the won with an 85% of the vote against a 15% of the vote supporting the no. This results are based on an official report by Red Uno television of 80.7% of votes counted.

For its part, the government, through the Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada, declared the referendum a total failure. This judgment was based on the many violent incidents happening in and around the city of Santa Cruz.

At the same time, Santa Cruz is already preparing the big party celebrating the success of the campaign.

According to Fides, 31 thousand people did not get a chance to vote, and around 30% of voting tables were not open for different reasons.

Erbol reports that the incidents affected around 3% of registered voters. In addition, so far there are 60 ballot boxes burnt and a count of 10 wounded.


Ricardo said...

From São Paulo, congrats on a hard-earned victory.

Gringo said...

Venezuela with a computerized system, still hasn't finished the vote count for the December 2 Constitutional referendum, and Bolivia can get its vote out the same day!

amieres said...

The question is: now what?

Boliviana said...


It really does help to expedite things when:

1) Those calling for the referendum are not from a democratically elected body but usurp representation by self-nominating and incestuous post placements. Cynic Committee!

2) Then said CC captures the electoral administrators. In this case the Departmental Electoral Court to manage the process. The President and Vice-President as well as the General Secretary-- ALL have close ties with the CC.

Orlando Parada Velasco, President of DEC married to María Julia Gutiérrez, President of the Ladies of the CC

José Ernesto Zambrana, Vice-President of DEC is also Secretary General of the Autonomist Cooperative CRE, presided by German Antelo, ex President of the CC.

Dr. Carlos Dabdoub Arrien, General Secretary is an ideologue of the "Nacion Camba" secessionist project and Ex Minister of Health under Centralist Kleptocrat Majoris, Jaime Paz Zamora.

3) This CC promotes and finances a swastika wearing, violent method imposing "Goon Patrol" UCJ that silences any dissident voices from public spaces lest they be shallow propaganda in favour of the CC project.

4) As if utter manipulation of the electoral body guaranteeing the process along with controlling the public discourse arena was not enough, the CC contracts the services of a private company to count the votes. A minimum semblance of democracy would dictate the votes be handled in an accountable transparent manner by a public institution but that would bar efficiency in desired results.

5) Oh, and the private company hired to count the votes (or merely publish them without the superfluous exercise of actually counting them) belongs to...Da da ta ta ta dammmm... Enter than a fired employee of the National Electoral Court. Perhaps, even someone with a previous record of participating in fraudulent tactics?

Miguel said...

The post is coming!