May 02, 2008

Potential for Violence on the 4th

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The potential for violence for the 4th in Santa Cruz is becoming clearer and clearer.

According to reports, the Union Juvenil Cruceñista (UJC) of Santa Cruz is mobilizing around 5000 members, as civil guards, to help "bring security, assure people vote and thus help the campaign to win. In addition, 1200 members of the Trinidad (the capital city of Beni) UJC will be going to Santa Cruz to support the efforts of their cruceño counterparts. Also, around 500 students from the Local University Federation (FUL) intend to support the same efforts. In consequence, there will be groups of up to 20 people guarding the ballot boxes.

In addition, since the national police and the military will not provide security for the referendum, the municipal guard of Santa Cruz will take their place.

On the other hand, MAS militants have indicated their intention of installing what they call, "resistance barraks" in three contentious towns and one neighborhood in Santa Cruz. The inhabitants of San Julian, Yapacani, and Cuatro Cañadas have announced they will prevent (at any const) the opening of voting places. In the Plan Tres Mil, similarly, people will try to prevent the opening of voting places and that people vote at all.

It is expected that out of these actions, violence and confrontations among opposing forces will take place.