May 21, 2008

McCain, in Miami, on Latin America

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Presidential hopeful, John McCain, gave a speech in Miami about Latin America, when he actually mentioned Bolivia:
If I am elected president, the United States will not bow to the special interests seeking to block progress. Instead, we will forge a new policy toward Latin America and the Caribbean Basin, one founded on peace and security, shared prosperity, democracy and freedom, and mutual respect. We will work to prevent Venezuela and Bolivia from taking the same road to failure Castro has paved for Cuba, and we will broaden and strengthen ties with key states like Brazil, Peru, and Chile. We will make clear to all countries in the region that if they share our values of freedom and openness, they can count on us as a friend. We will not abandon our partners to demagogues, drug lords, and despair, but expand the benefits of security, trade and prosperity to all.
Here is the link to his entire speech.

I am eagerly waiting for the Obama and Hillary versions...