May 04, 2008

In the Rest of the Country

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While voting gets on in Santa Cruz, the rest of the country is also active. In Cochabamba, for example, there will be a large gathering of coca growers in the main square. These people are meeting to repudiate the referendum taking place in Santa Cruz. In this sense, there is also a danger of disturbances in the city. Especially, if sympathizers of Santa Cruz decide to make an spontaneous demonstration.

In La Paz and El Alto, people are gathering as well. Different sectors of society, such as the worker's union (COB) and mainly MAS supporters will gather to demonstrate their opposition to the Santa Cruz referendum. The gatherings in these two cities are expected to be peaceful, because there are not many supporters of the Santa Cruz referendum who would trust himself to go out and show his or her support. However, there is a group of young pacenos who will gather in Abaroa square showing their support for Santa Cruz. This is, of course, a potential for violence.