March 02, 2008

The Opposition's Answer

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The next steps of the regional governments are printed here. Six regions, making up the Consejo Nacional Democratico (Conalde), which have decided to altogether disregard the new laws and the new constitution.


mcentellas said...

This is likely to get worse before it gets better.

miguel (mabb) said...

I hope it doesn't. I am about to head there in April.

Gringo said...

The leg-packin' Immorales is reaping what he has sown. When you don't let legislators into the building, they will make their own laws in the street.

Apparently Evo has not evolved beyond the level of Natusch Busch. Maybe Evo is the reincarnation of Natusch Busch, if one believes in such matters. Or maybe Natusch’s uncle. Recall how uncle ended up.

When you elect a bullying cocalero as President, you get a bullying cocalero for President. What you see is what you get.