March 20, 2008

Boliviabella, Bolivia's Positive Image

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In my travels through cyberspace, constantly looking for interesting and useful sites about Bolivia, many times I find sites that I collect in my bookmarks. On occasions, however, I find a site so useful that I highlight it in a post and recommend my readers to pay it a visit. Such a site is the above mentioned:

The site belongs to an American born Bolivian (Charis), who wants to portray Bolivia from its best side. To her motivation to create such a site, she says: "I strive to have the most positive site about Bolivia on the plaNET. It will take time, but... I’m committed to projecting Bolivia to the world in a positive light!

The site is incredibly loaded with tips and insights about topics that are of interest to people who want to visit Bolivia. For example, she has specific recommendations on hotels, restaurants and tourist sites, places she's been herself. But, beyond that, she gives tips on how to get set up with electricity, phone lines and immigration papers. She even describes where exactly to go, which window to approach and which floor is where you have to go.

The only thing is that all this wonderful info is mainly about Santa Cruz city, where she lives. But, of course, how else could one give such detailed info if not by describing your own experiences. However, many of the things she talks about, can be used in other major cities as well. I am using them for my stay in La Paz. The information is very useful. And, also, did I already mention the info was very useful?

Lastly, her site has two sub-projects. One is Bolivia Positiva (Positive Bolivia), which is mainly a place for Bolivians to leave positive messages about the people, the culture and the country. The other sub-project is called, Hope for Bolivia, and this is where non-Bolivians can leave positive messages for Bolivians. A good thing! Bolivia needs more positive thinking!

So, pay her a visit.