February 10, 2008

Floods, Investment and Spying in Bolivia

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At present time, with the celebrations of carnival, there is not much going on politically in Bolivia. The news are coming from the weather side. The department of Beni, which is practically in the Amazone region, has been suffering flooding through the endless rains. The departments is significantly flooded by the waters of two rivers. Some images can be seen at the BBC News website.

Bolivian newspapers report that this is one of the worst floods in Beni's history and that the waters will keep on rising another 50 cm.

On another news, the Washington Post has an article on foreign investment in the energy sector. It pretty much echoes what I have been saying or noticing on this issues. The question was, if the natural gas sector has been nationalized, why are the foreign companies still staying and even pledging more investment?

Here is the article, see what you think about it.

Last but not least, there is this young scholar saying he has been asked by officials of the American Embassy in Bolivia to keep tap on Venezuelan and Cuban volunteers and report the names and what they are doing to the embassy. He, the scholar, has said it to the AP. He sounds outraged that his government would ask him to do such a thing.

First of all, what a moron... No, not the young scholar, but the embassy official. What a careless request, at such a fragile time between the relations of the US and Bolivia. What kind of people are working there, I ask myself.

And second, good for the young scholar. He's got principles. I guess he showed them.

I looked for a reaction on the US Embassy in Bolivia, but I couldn't find one. And, apparently there was not too much interest from the Bolivian press either.

Waiting for reactions!