January 17, 2008

One Side of a Complicated Situation

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The dilemma in which many altenos (citizens of El Alto) find themselves is the following:

"EL ALTO, Bolivia (Reuters) - Damiana Katari, who knits clothes for a living and wears long black braids, a bowler hat and layers of colored skirts, proudly voted to elect fellow Aymara Indian Evo Morales to the presidency of Bolivia.

But when the subject turns to Morales' trade policies, she tenses up, worried that her workshop for knitting wool in the Andean highlands will be hurt by his trade policies."
Currently, there is a growing small textile industry in El Alto, the city where Morales enjoys the highest support (upwards of 80%). This industry supplies many markets with its products, including the very important US market.

All the people who work in this industry are torn between supporting Morales all the way or supporting his rise to power only.

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