November 26, 2007

This Is How They Did It

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In order for MAS to fly over the approval of its Constitution, they had to first modify the rules of debate. They modified the necessary articles in the following manner:

  • Article 27: Another commission was created to incorporate all the commission reports that had been presented in the form of a constitution.
  • Article 50: Sessions can be held on weekends and holidays (before was only Mo to Fr).
  • Article 51: Each session will meet without a time limit (before they met for six hours a day).
  • Article 61: Political forces have two times 20 minutes to speak.
  • Article 63: Commissions have 15 minutes to present their reports (before they had two hours). For the approval 'in general', each political faction and regional faction has 15 minutes (before one hour) to speak. For the 'in detail' (article by article) approval, each faction has 20 minutes (before all of the 255 members could speak for 10 minutes). The debates will be in five blocks.
  • Article 64: There is one minute available for motions (before two minutes).
  • Article 68: Members can vote now by simply raising hands.
  • Article 71: For an item to be reconsidered it has to be supprted by 1/3 of the votes present.
  • Article 84: The removal of officials (loss of mandate) has to be approved by 2/3 of the present.
Source: La Razon article on November 24.