October 18, 2007

A Video on Bolivia and Morales Online

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Sorry! Thanks to Jorge, I just realized people who live outside Europe cannot access the video. Thanks to the 'infinite wisdom' of the French and the Germans (Arte is a joint venture), anyone who lives in the US cannot access the video. The message you get literally asks for understanding. Gee, and I thought this type of thing was just happening in the US. Last time I tried to access one republican party's blog (don't remember exactly which one) I got the same message!

So, once again, sorry for the mistake and I will try to keep an eye if the film shows up in Youtube or Google videos. If anyone else finds it, I'll be grateful if you let me know.

I want to point to this documentary film on Bolivia about the so called "indigenous revolution". The film was aired in German TV in the last couple of days. It was filmed and directed by Rodrigo Vasquez, a young Argentinian director, and aired in the French-German channel Arte.

Of all the renditions of the Evo revolution I saw, I thought this one was worth pointing out. It is not the expected romanticized approach of the indigenous leader who fights against neoliberalism and imperialism to become the President of Bolivia. Hmm...yes, it has a bit of that, but it also shows a somewhat more balanced approach to what is going on. He gets himself a heroine and follows her through her rise from a project leader to a Deputy for MAS. In this way he brings to light the complexities of the indigenous movement, which is by many seen as a monolith.

The film is narrated in German, but there is enough Spanish to know what is going on. For "Bolivianists" it will be easier to understand.


Jorge said...

Unfortunately, access to this video is reserved to residents of Germany and France. If you are connecting from a computer anywhere else in the world, the following message appears:

"Um dieses Video zu sehen, müssen Sie in Deutschland oder Frankreich wohnen. Wir bitten Sie um Ihr Verständnis."

They certainly shouldn't count on my "Verständnis". I don't understand why anybody would do that; it's very strange.

galloglass said...

Miguel: Did you hear about the visa situation? It's going to be a tourist card for $135, and you pay for it when you arrive...beginning in 2008. It's certainly easier, but what about frequent travelers? That could add up after a while...a 5 year visa, like Brazil has makes more sense.

miguel (mabb) said...

It sounds better. Thanks for letting me know.

mcentellas said...

Sounds like an interesting documentary. I'll see if it ever comes stateside.