October 01, 2007

MABBlog Anyversary: Four Years, and Still On!

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Echoing Miguel Centellas of Pronto*, who just celebrated his five years of blogging, I am celebrating four years of continuous blogging. I started one September evening of 2003. The name changed from LatAm Central, to MABB to MABBlog, in search of individuality and, a little bit, pushed by the rankings in search engines.

Blogging has paid off big time for me. I have brought, as initially intended, a continuous flow of information about Bolivia to the English speaking world, whereas before there was very little. At the same time, saw the number of blogs such as mine increase over time, and cannot help of thinking I contributed to this growth. And, I met many people, some of them already in person, interested in Bolivia as I am.

There are plans for development in MABBlog's future. I would like to get my own domain and more room and control over the site. But, for now, Blogger is just perfect. It is free and the improvements they've made are pretty good. Oh, yea, did I mention it's free? :-) As long as Blogger remains functional, reliable and fast, I think it will be ok.

Thank you to all those who over the years, have come to MABBlog to read about a country, which is one of the most interesting countries in the region (own opinion). A country which four years ago would hardly make the news, and now is a headline maker (for the most part, thanks to Evo Morales). Thank you for that continuous interest in Bolivia.

Thank you also for the comments, which have not only enriched the blog itself, but through which I have learned a lot. The possibility of interaction is what makes a blog the more rewarding.

Finally, thank you just for visiting.