October 19, 2007

Cross-post: The Newest Dispute Between Santa Cruz and the Government

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Miguel from Pronto* has the update on the situation in Santa Cruz. Apparently, the government has militarily taken control of the international airport of Viru Viru in Santa Cruz. As a result, there were confrontations between crucenos and military guards. More violence is expected. Read more here.

As I write this, it seems that the situation has been de-escalated by the government by withdrawing the troops from the Viru Viru airport (read here and here). It also seems that the Santa Cruz Prefect, Ruben Costas, has made Hugo Chavez the culprit. He has insulted him and said Santa Cruz was not afraid of Chavez. He accused Chavez of wanting to turn Santa Cruz into a Vietnam. Costas also declared Chavez a persona non grata and prohibited him from setting foot in Santa Cruz.

Is this the end or there is more?