October 17, 2007

Bolivian Government Issues Decree Increasing Control of NGOs

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The Morales government has issued decree number 29308 to increase state control over the financing of NGOs.

This decree, among other things, will require NGOs to register and make available to the government their source of financing. It also prohibits the financing of projects with ideological or political conditions. Also, it states that no government official will be able to take a leading post in any of these NGOs until two years after they stop working for the government.

Two counter arguments are put forward. The first is that as a result of the decree, the amount of foreign aid or international cooperation will diminish. The second argument cites the right to work that citizens have when leaving government posts.

According to the graph, there are 434 NGOs operating in Bolivia. Of those, 183 in La Paz and 76 in Cochabamba. The countries where these organizations come from are: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, and Venezuela. The areas in which they are active are: agriculture, education, strengthening of institutions and health.