September 12, 2007

Visa for Bolivian-Americans

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The Morales government will from December 1st. ask American citizens for entry visas to enter Bolivia. I am sure that the government has not thought about the Bolivians who are American citizens and who are the bulk of people who transit between the two countries.

The requirements will be:

  1. fill out the visa form with personal data and a color photo
  2. current passport, not expiring for at least six months
  3. police report
  4. proof of hotel reservation for the whole stay or
  5. a notarized letter of invitation by a Bolivian citizen who takes responsibility for the visitor
  6. immigration can interview this citizen before approving the visa
  7. round trip ticket
  8. yellow fever vaccination certificate
  9. proof of economic solvency (bank accounts or work letter, who knows)
  10. US$134
I am speechless. What can one say?

Of course, I am speechless, but Miguel at Pronto* is not. Got sei dank!