September 29, 2007

The National Development Plan to "Live Well"

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The government just officially published its national development plan and issued decree No. 29272, making it into law. After 20 months in office, the Morales government released its plan outlining how is it that Bolivia will develop economically and socially. The graph below, taken from the report, shows the government's concept.

In the graph you can see the greater role the government is supposed to play in the development question. In fact, it is the basis of the whole structure. What I still don't understand is what's neoliberalism doing there. But anyway, the structure is supposed to have four pillars: productive, dignity, democratic and sovereign. All this will require the cooperation of the state, private enterprise and the community.

For those of you who want to take a closer look, here is the whole plan. Although I have to warn, some links do not work yet.

Gabriel Loza Telleria, Planing Minister, said not only the private sector and the communal organizations had to follow this plan, but the international cooperation had to do it as well. He added the plan concentrates on fostering the participation of those it considered excluded. He called this "positive discrimination".


mcentellas said...

The chart is rather confusing looking. But perhaps "neoliberalism" is there because (like "colonialism," on the left side) is going to be replaced by "communitarian" (whatever that's supposed to mean).

Although this graph doesn't look like a "plan" but rather a concept. It seems to say nothing about what the state will actually do, other than that it will help Bolivians "live well".

miguel (mabb) said...

As far as I understand it, neoliberalism will still be used to bring about macro economic stability.

But, you are right. The graph is a little confusing. I don't understand the arrow in the middle. Is it supposed to show the move from colonialism to communitarianism? And the pillars are not pillars anymore, but are bubbles.

What I do see is the use of the State as the bases of the whole thing.

galloglass said...

Did you see the AP article by Dan Keane? Here's the link:
It's about Miguel Roda...he's pushing an independence movement. Keane is credulous, whereas other sources, which he doesn't mention, say that Roda is secretly being used by the government to splinter and tarnish the Comite Pro Santa paint it as a violent and racist group.

miguel (mabb) said...

Yes, I read the article. I have also heard of the falange's reawakening. Although, it wasn't really dormant, just did not make many news.

I think the article gives a glimpse of a real option in the development of the crisis in Bolivia. One has to be realistic and see that the possibility, however small it is, is there.